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Roll Fed Square Bottom Paper Bag Machine (Window Die Cutting & Film Patching) Series

The SBH series roll fed square bottom paper bag machine is designed to manufacture square bottom paper bags from paper roll in blank or printed designs. Side gluing, tube forming, tube cutting, bottom creasing, bottom gluing, bottom forming and final product out feed can all be completed in a single run, making this ideal equipment for food bags, shopping bags and other common paper bags.

Sunhope is the first company in China to design and produce a servo die cutting unit and servo window patching unit, both of which have been added to the SBH150, SBH290, and SBH330 machines to produce square bottom paper bag, see-through window bag, window bag with full film laminating, and two ply paper bag inline.

  • Bag Production Part
  • Servo Window Die Cutting and Film Patching & Laminating Unit
  • Bottom Forming Drum With Vacuum Assist

1. The roll fed square bottom paper bag machine is equipped with a Japanese Mitsubishi servo system and SICK photocell for correction, so that users can accurate track printed material, and minimize adjustment and pre-set times.
2. It is equipped with a Mitsubishi electric control system and Mitsubishi motion controller (CPU). This achieves an integration of an optical fiber in order to achieve a high speed and high precision, motion control and production flow test. With a touch screen display, the operation functions are clear, and feature a great human to machine interface.  
3. Equipped with a tension system and automatic WEB correction system, this paper bag production machine can reduce waste and improve efficiency.
4. The magnetic cylinder device is used for mounting window die cutter, allowing for easy placement of the cutting die and easy adjustment.
5. The TM01unit with its unique patented design has multiple functions, including film window insertion, full film lamination, and two ply cross pasting for the production of two ply bags.

Bag Schematic Diagram

Technical Info SBH150+DC01+TM01 SBH290+DC02+TM02 SBH330+DC02+TM02 SBH330B+DC02+TM02
Paper Roll Width (mm) 295-640 395-910 420-1050 465-1050
Paper Roll Dia. (mm) ≤1200 ≤1200 ≤1500 ≤1500
Paper Roll Core Dia. (mm) Φ76 Φ76 Φ76 Φ76
Paper Thickness (gsm) 40-135 50-145 50-160 50-160
Tube Cut Off Length (mm) 191-385 280-530 280-530 280-530
Bag Face Width (mm) 80-200 120-290 125-330 150-330
Bag Bottom Size (mm) 50-100 70-150 70-150 70-180
Window Die Cutting Range (Length) (mm) 20-120 20-120 20-120 20-120
Window Die Cutting Range (Width) (mm) 20-120 20-120 20-120 20-120
Window Patching Range (Length) (mm) 40-210 40-210 40-210 40-210
Window Patching Range (Width) (mm) 25-180 25-180 25-180 25-180
Max.die Diameter (mm) Φ400 Φ400 Φ400 Φ400
Inner Diameter (mm) Φ75 Φ75 Φ75 Φ75
Film Laminating Width (mm) 40-640 40-920 40-1000 40-1000
Max.Two Layer Paper Weight (gsm) 135 160 160 160
Max. Speed (bags/min) 250 220 230 220
Bag Machine Total Power (kW) 8.75 10.25 14.5 14.5
DC+TM Power (kW) 14.8 14.8 14.8 14.8
Machine Weight (kg) about 7500 about 10000 about 11000 about 11000
Machine Size ((L×W×H)m) 11.52×2.6×1.96 14.5×3.1×1.96 14.5×3.1×1.96 15×3.1×1.96
Three Types Bottom Seal in in in in
Servo Lip Cut Device in in in in
Serrated & Straight Cut Device in in in in
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